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1. Company & Credentials

BCR Publishing was founded in 1992 to produce high quality in-depth industry reports and is acknowledged as the leading provider of trade and receivables finance market information in the world. You may know us better for our books and reports: the World Factoring Yearbook, World Supply Chain Finance, and European Trade Finance Yearbooks. 


Michael Bickers, author of Factoring in the UK and editor of the World Factoring Yearbook, World Supply Chain Finance Report,  and Receivables Finance technology is regarded as an authority on receivables finance following a senior-level career in credit management and commercial finance, he has gone on to establish his credentials as the leading independent journalist on the factoring industry. His findings and articles have been published in numerous newspapers and journals including The Financial Times, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, and The Sunday Times.


The BCR Publishing team continue to keep up-to-date with industry developments, in order to cement their place as market leaders in receivables finance intelligence. Producing news, reports and conferences, BCR Publishing is the principal reference point for information in this constantly evolving industry.


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2. Previous Products

During the last 10 years, BCR Publishing has produced the following publications:

  • Receivables Finance Technology 2016

  • World Supply Chain Finance Report 2016

  • World Factoring Yearbook 2015

  • Receivables Finance Technology 2015

  • World Supply Chain Finance Report 2015

  • World Factoring Yearbook 2014

  • World Supply Chain Finance Yearbook 2014

  • World Factoring Yearbook 2013 (Oct. 2013)

  • European Trade Finance Yearbook 2013/2014 (Nov. 2013)

  • World Supply Chain Finance 2013/2014 (Nov. 2013)

  • European Trade Finance Yearbook 2012/2013 (Nov 2012)

  • World Supply Chain Finance 2012/2013 (Nov 2012)

  • World Factoring Yearbook 2012 (Oct 2012)

  • World Supply Chain Finance Yearbook 2011/2012 (Nov 2011)
  • World Factoring Yearbook 2011 (Oct 2011)
  • World Supply Chain Finance Yearbook 2010 (Aug 2010)

  • World Factoring Yearbook 2010 (Aug 2010)

  • World Factoring Yearbook 2009 (Apr 2009)

  • World Factoring Yearbook 2008 (Mar 2008)

  • Factoring in the UK 12th Edition (May 2008)

  • World Factoring Yearbook 2006/2007 (Dec 2006)

  • Factoring in the UK 11th Edition (May 2006)


3. Frequently Asked Questions

What countries are covered on

Americas: Argentina; Barbados; Bolivia; Brazil; Canada; Chile; Colombia; Costa Rica; Cuba; El Salvador; Equador; Guatemala; Haiti; Honduras; Jamaica; Mexico; Nicaragua; Panama; Peru; Puerto Rico; Uruguay; USA; Venezuela; 

Asia Pacific: Afghanistan; Azerbaijan; Bangladesh; Brunei; Cambodia; China; Hong Kong; India; Indonesia; Japan; Kazakhstan; Korea; Kyrgyzstan; Macau; Malaysia; Myanmar; Nepal; Pakistan; Philippines; Singapore; Sri Lanka; Taiwan; Tajikstan; Tanzania; Thailand; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan; Vietnam;  

Australasia: Australia; New Zealand;

Europe: Albania; Armenia; Austria; Azerbaijan; Baltic States; Belarus; Belgium; Bosnia and Hercegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Georgia; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Kosovo; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Macedonia; Malta; Moldova; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Russia; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey; Ukraine; United Kingdom

Middle East and Africa: Algeria; Bahrain; Botswana; Egypt; Ethiopia; Ghana; Iran; Iraq; Israel; Jordan; Kenya; Lebanon; Madagascar; Mauritius; Morocco; Namibia; Nigeria; Oman; Palestinian Territories; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; South Africa; Swaziland; Syria; Tanzania; Tunisia; UAE; Uganda; Yemen; Zambia; Zimbabwe.


What will you get from 

  • provides instant access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date receivables finance market intelligence, news and corporate analysis at the touch of a button

  • Find exactly the information you need within seconds by using our search facility to scan our extensive database

  • Your only source of detailed company results, market volumes, client numbers and more, country by country

  • is continuously updated, bringing you factoring news and information as it happens

  • Up to the minute scrolling news bar with the latest factoring developments

  • All this as well as in-depth analysis of the economic backdrop to trade receivables finance in each country and the historical development of this dynamic industry

What type of information will you find in 

  • Current trade, receivables, supply chain, factoring finance and credit insurance news

  • Industry environment

  • Quick guide to all industry players including a who's who of senior staff

  • Company profiles

  • Industry reports

  • Macroeconomic forecasts

  • Macroeconomic statistics

  • Information archives from previous BCR publications

  • Regularly updated directory of factors in each country


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5. Testimonials

'Michael, thank you for many, many years of fruitful cooperation! I believe that our very first meeting was long, long ago in a hotel in London, a very traditional hotel with lots of leather and wood panelling. I believe it was the Durrants Hotel in George   Street. It must have been a good meeting and an important moment for the factoring industry.’

Jeroen Kohnstamm, Secretary General, Factors Chain International, on his retirement; to Michael Bickers, Managing Director, BCR Publishing.

'I have gone through some things on the website and I can confidently say we are going to learn a lot.'

Bernard Bogatsu
Senior Operations Officer- Client Management
Invoice Discounting Division
Botswana Development Corporation Limited

‘I don’t know if there is any debate about whether we need this subscription but from my view the answer is a big YES. I use the website every day and I’m sure there are others amongst you who are regular users.’

Peter Brinsley
Point Forward Ltd.