Receivables Finance Technology 2017


Receivables Finance Technology 2017 features expert analysis from technology providers on the ever-changing nature of an industry that increasingly relies on digitisation. This report provides advice on ways in which you should choose and implement an effective technology service, making it an essential and informative booklet for receivables finance providers who are looking to improve their offerings through technology. 


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World Supply Chain Finance Report 2017


The World Supply Chain Finance Report 2017 analyses markets from across the globe to give a comprehensive overview of developments in the supply chain finance market. Featuring specialist articles in addition to regional commentaries, this report also covers developments in areas such as reverse factoring and confirming.


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World Factoring Yearbook 2016


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The World Factoring Yearbook 2016 is the ONLY reference guide to the global factoring and invoice finance markets. Featuring expert analysis on markets in over 50 countries, the World Factoring Yearbook provides a comprehensive review of the receivables finance industry worldwide.


  • Volume figures
  • Growth statistics
  • Services offered
  • Market shares
  • Major players
  • Directories of factors and suppliers 

With specialist articles on top of national overviews, this guide provides expert and essential evaluation of the global factoring industry.


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